Market your business on a small budget

Starting a business is never easy, especially when you are short on cash. It’s hard at the beginning when you are trying to build notoriety and a strong customer base. But it is possible if you put in the effort where need be. Today, we gathered some of the most effective marketing ideas that won’t break your bank!

Focus on great content

If there’s something the Internet is full of, it’s content. Whether it’s blogs, web pages, and videos, there are millions of resources available to everyone on the web.


When creating content for your audience, make sure it stands out from the rest! Write interesting blog articles, add keywords in your web pages, create multiple pages for your website and entertain your fans on social media. Plus, make sure you go out and share that content with your audience and potential customers!

Start a blog

News flash: you don’t need to be a professional writer to start a blog! A blog has multiple purposes for your business, including helping your SEO optimization, creating a community with your audience but also drawing attention to your business. By regularly writing blog articles, you also increase customer loyalty. Plus, it’s super fun to express yourself on topics you find interesting!

Make social media your biggest ally

Make social media your best friend! Most social media are free to use and the great thing about them is that your post has the opportunity to reach so many people that aren’t necessarily aware of your brand! Use social media to share your blog articles, post daily pictures or statuses to keep your customers in the loop of new features or what’s life like as an entrepreneur! Don’t forget to invest in a good creative toolkit like Instasize to help you amp up your social media visuals to attract new followers and increase engagement once you begin.  

Host an event or give a class

No matter what your expertise is, you can take profits from your knowledge and host an event or give a class! This can be done online or in person! While helping others, you also have the opportunity to talk about your business, therefore gaining some customers.

If you own a store and you have a physical location, you could host events, like a grand opening or workshops Tuesdays, for example!

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to retain your customers. Use it to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, inform your fans about new features, sales, and take the opportunity to send them occasional promo codes!

Marketing your business can be hard, but creating a logo isn’t! Use to create the most perfect logo for you and your business! Then, showcase it to the world!

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